Thomas Jay Oord is back on the podcast!  Last time we discussed the science of love and this time we discuss….the Gospel.  That’s right, this is the first straight gospel-cast we have done.  Tom just put out a book that is well worth checking out titled The Best News You Will Ever Hear. In the book he attempts to tell the gospel as he understands it straight and simple.  The thing is this is no normal Gospel proclaimer.  Tom is a cutting edge philosopher and theologian and a faithful Nazarene,  a creative thinker wrestling with religious pluralism and science but also one known to rock a pulpit holiness style, and most of all Tom is just a plain awesome, genuine, and inspiring Christian.

In this podcast Tom discusses the decision to write about the gospel, how it connects to his other more academic work, the challenge of letting one’s life and theology assist one another towards faithfulness, and of course his open and relational vision of the gospel of love wins.

Tom is an outstanding blogger, the leader of my favorite AAR group (The Open & Relational Theologies Section), prolific author (get his books!), alumni of my own Claremont Graduate School, a fellow FAN-IAC of John Cobb & Larry Norman (I believe we are the only 2) and most of all a great mentor and friend.  My first time to AAR as an undergrad Tom started talking to me, answered my elementary questions (he still does), and has continued to assist and encourage my work.  I love sharing good theology with the HBC Deacons but sharing good theology with a friend is even better!

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