This video is my bibliography to Process theology. If there is one school of theology that gets me excited this is it!!! Here’s my video bibliography. I will post the books (with links to amazon that financially support the HBC podcast) below in order of their appearance.


Process Theology Bibliograpy Video from tripp fuller on Vimeo.

Process Theology Bibliograpy Video from tripp fuller on Vimeo.

Great Intros

Bruce Epperly, Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed (Podcast)

Robert Mesle 1) Process Theology, 2) Process-Relational Philosophy: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead (Podcasts 1, 2, & 3)

Daniel Day Williams,  Spirit and the Forms of Love

Joseph Bracken( My favorite Catholic Priest!!), Christianity and Process Though: Spirituality for a Changing World (Podcast 1 & 2)

John Cobb (That’s right, my favorite theologian gets his own category!!!!) Podcast 1 & 2

1) Transforming Christianity & the World: A Way Beyond Absolutism and Relativism

2) A Christian Natural Theology (2nd Edition)

The David Ray Griffin Track

1) God and Religion in the Postmodern World

2) Whitehead’s Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy

Marjorie Suchocki. (podcast) I say she has a bunch of favs for me, so if you want the best intro to theology through the doctrines get God, Christ, Church and if you want an amazing book on religious pluralism get Divinity and Diversity and if you want a process eschatology that is blazing amazing get the End of EvilI!!! BUT the best example of how Process Theology can unlock a theological gridlock is her doctrine of sin in The Fall to Violence. This single book should turn any real theologian on to the constructive possibilities within Whitehead & Co. such that one is enticed into months of theological bewilderment!

Baptists and Process theology…. well there is ME!!!! And then Oxford theologian Paul Fiddes!! Paul engages early in his career the doctrine of God’s power and action  in light of evil in The Creative Suffering of God and it is 100% mind-blowing if you have never gone there before.  He hooks the tradition, Whitehead, and his own biography together for a theological masterpiece!!!  Then is you are into Theology, Literature, and Eschatology check out his book The Promised End where he gets awesome!  Personally I think of Paul Fiddes as my Baptist brother from another mother.  We had a bunch of wine and talked for 4 hours straight whe he preached ash Wednesday at the church Alecia (my amazing wife) was interning in Divinity school.  Ever since I knew there was another Process Evolutionary Panentheist with an eschatology and high Christology!!  I believe we may be an endangered species…..

Process & Evangelicals

1) Thomas Oord’s( podcastThe Nature of Love & Defining Love

2) Searching For an Adequate God

Barthians….that’s right.  Hit up, The Divine Decision: A Process Doctrine of Election because Donna Bowman is awesome! (podcast)

Process Theology and…..

Trinity….Trinity and Process

Eschatology….World Without End (including Jurgen Moltmann chapter!)

Lewis Ford connects Process thought and eschatological thinking in Transforming Process Theism

Process Post-Structuralism

1) Process & Difference

2) On the Mystery

3) The Face of the Deep

4) God as the Poet of the World