Did you know…

Between one third and one half of all American marriages are interfaith

Roughly one third of Americans have switched religions at some point in their lives

Young people are more opposed to abortion than their parents but more accepting of gay marriage

Even fervently religious Americans believe that people in other faiths can get to heaven

Religious Americans are better neighbors than secular Americans, more generous with their time and treasure, even for secular causes, but the explanation has less to do with faith than with communities of faith

David Campbell & Robert Putnam discuss this and more in their newest book American Grace.  This interview is different than most because we are talking to a real deal political scientist. Unlike a theologian, philosopher, or activist he is not arguing for a particular position but attempting to describe the present situation.  Now I tried hard a couple times to get him to pontificate but it didn’t happen…..so…..you will have to do that part.

Hope you enjoy the episode!