With this mind blowing episode the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast crosses into the second 100 episodes!!  Chad and I are thrilled to still be trying out this audiological and theological adventure with all y’all Deacons!  Going forward we would really like to know more about who you want on (and back on), topics or themes to cover, and some smack talk on the HBC call-in line 678-590-BREW!

It is not on accident that our corner turning podcast features not one…..but two amazing theologians.  John Cobb, the living legend of Process Theology, is joined by my favorite Calvinist Paul CapetzBoth John and Paul have been on the podcast before but this conversation transcends the possibilities available to any one guest! In this episode we will discuss…

– Religious Pluralism

– The importance of the Incarnation

– Question the necessity of the Trinity

– Discuss fall of the Mainline Churches

Liberalism? Progressive?

– The Mission of the Church Today

Check out John Cobb’s monthly FAQ about Process Theology if you want to know more. You can even submit a question!