In this podcast BoDaddy will say “I love the perichoresis. I mean it gets me out of bed in the morning” and Tripp will say about Kathryn Tanner’s atonement theory, “That is awesome! I mean theologically that is sexy.  You could preach that all day!”

We love getting our Christology on at Homebrewed Christianity…(that means we really enjoy podcasts around Christology)…and if you do too then get ready for a Chistology Spittin’ Extravaganza!! This episode is testing a new little HBC format where Tripp & BoDaddy have a good’le hootenanny around a recent podcast series.  There is some discussing, responding, extending, connecting, and well going off in other random directions BUT it’s all about Christology.

In the past couple months we have pleasured your theological imagination with Kathryn Tanner, Douglas Ottati, Andrew Sung Park, Elizabeth Johnson, Roger Haight, and Jospeh Bracken.  This series was absolute gold for the theological nerd on your inside and we are very grateful that these top tier thinkers joined us.  Hopefully those Deacons who had some lingering questions from the series or have wanted to know what was going on in Tripp’s head will benefit from this podcast.

DO let us know what you think of this new format.  At least Bo and I had fun!