The West Coast Gathering for the growing transition toward rooted Practice, Presence, and Place

Parishioners, Missiologists, Urban Planners, Doulas, New Monastics, Micro Entrepreneurs, Permaculturists, Church Planters, Agrarians, Locality Gurus, Liturgists, Artisans, Practical Theologians, Relational Counselors, Master Gardeners, Community Cultivators, Everyday Mystics. The list keeps growing. They are all coming to Inhabit on April 29-30, 2011.

Over 40 place practitioners and missional innovators who will be at the conference
A Hybrid Conference schedule including multiple participatory environments
Dozens of missional communities representing West Coast neighborhoods
Upcoming events and projects from our growing list of sponsors and micro sponsors

Transform is ubercool

Dwight Friesen is awesome.

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