Are you frustrated by the general inability for the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus to address both the sins of the world, the shame we carry, and the injustice of the world?  Does it seems like when it comes to atonement most have a dramatic propensity to narrow the scope?  These frustrations were mine until I met Andrew Sung Park. On this podcast you get (Process Theology + Liberation Theology) “the Blood of Jesus” = Legendary Christology Podcast!  No Joke!!!

Very very rarely do we have a podcast where I personally get excited thinking back to the conversation months later.  Andrew Sung Park is literally one of my favorite living theologians.  Triune Atonement is the best introduction to atonement theories in the context of its contemporary challenges & From Hurt to Healing was a game changer for me personally.  Park has the ability to combine acute theological insights, the breath of scripture, and the complexity of our world with a liberating impulse.  What I find beautiful about Park’s vision is the ability to give a Christocentric vision of the faith that addresses both the sinners and the sinned against in our world and ourselves.

After telling his story to which led him to becoming a theologian he begins the atonement throw down by offering Billy Graham a second sermon (18min.)  The interview gets more and more intense all the way through to the end.  We end up discussing Niebuhr’s understanding of atonement, the feminist critique, ‘Han’ as a conceptual tool, The Passion of the Christ (movie), the Holy Spirit’s role in atonement, and in the end….that’s right….. THE POWER OF THE BLOOD!

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