Kathryn Tanner has written (at least personally) the most compelling, creative, and constructive Christology in a long time. This interview was actually conducted in person by Philip Clayton.  They were both students together at Yale as the ‘Yale School’ was in its formative period.  Being friends and familiar with each others’ work makes for a fun conversation.

A while back I wrote a review of her Christology, Christ the Key, here.  You can check out all her books (and get Christ the Key) here.

The book itself came out of a series of lectures she gave at Princeton.  Bloggers showed up and got a clickin’ Lecture I, Lecture II, Lecture III, Lecture IV, Lecture V, Lecture VI, Memoria Dei has a series of posts that go through the book and there is a brief post on theopolitical. She is also loved at Faith and Theology!