This week Peter Rollins joins the podcast with an interview for the ages….or at least the week!  Not only does Pete join the cast but Tony Jones jumps into the mix and lays down a Lenten Challenge to Pete… give up his (Christian) Atheism for Lent.  If you are wondering exactly why a ‘famous Christian thinker\speaker type’ is being asked to give up atheism for lent, then listen to his visit to the Common Sense atheist podcast where the atheist host has a hard time seeing how Pete is (not) an atheist.  The challenge is out and the interview that followed was exciting.   So go put this Belfast philosopher’s game in your pipe iPod and smoke play it.  You can read Tony Jones’ challenge for yourself right HERE. If for some reason you don’t own Pete’s books, iPhone App, seen his videos, heard these audios, follow him on Twitter, or facebook him – then DO IT.

It was wonderful to get to interview Pete and spend a couple days with him when he was in SoCal a few weeks ago.  Hope you all enjoy the conversation and that Pete enjoys taking up God for Lent!