Roger Haight is a prolific theologian, American Jesuit, and an excellent example of the Chicago School of theology.  Standing in the tradition of greats like Paul Tillich and David Tracy, Roger seeks to articulate Christian theology for and to the cultural context.  In his career he has focused his attention on the postmodern context of the West, those who wrestle permanently with doubt and stand on the boundary of the church with their questions.  In addressing these people Dr. Haight reveals what is possible when the beauty of the Christian tradition is correlated with the questions and anxieties of people today.  In this conversation we discuss his work in Christology but end up touching on a whole number of other issues including religious pluralism, ecclesiology, the nature of Orthodoxy, and the application of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for the entire church.

As you may know, Roger Haight has had a quarrel with the Vatican over his Christology.  As we begin a series here at the podcast on Christology, I imagine you will begin to notice through comparison and increased understanding of the theological context and questions present today, that Roger is a faithful Christian theologian attempting to contribute constructively to the thought and practice of a church he loves.  Of course you can decide yourself!