John Caputo stops by for a sweet second coming on the podcast, interviewed by our friend Callid Keefe-Perry from And while I was touring the Midwest and rocking it out at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (hence AC/DC music) in Cleveland, Tripp and Callid caught up with each other for the intro.

Dr. Caputo is a professor at Syracuse University, ‘a hybrid philosopher/theologian intent on producing impure thoughts, thoughts which circulate between philosophy and theology, short-circuits which deny fixed and rigorous boundaries between philosophy and theology.’ The first time he stopped by, the focus was on The Weakness of God. This time, the topic is what he’s working on now, a follow up volume … The Fate of All Flesh: A Theology of the Event II.

Just for fun, Callid asks some of our nerdier listeners to give us a word count before and after he gets fired up, because Dr. Caputo’s responses get progressively more intense throughout.

If you haven’t heard his first visit on Homebrewed, you can find it here.

Works by Caputo:

The Weakness of God
Against Ethics
The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida
What Would Jesus Deconstruct?


You’ll find a nice excursus download … the final 17 mins. of Callid’s interview … on Baudrillard’s versus Caputo’s hyperrealism, among other great tidbits, and more awesome Caputo links, over at

If you dig the podcast and Caputo, here are all of the mp3 downloads of his lectures.

And here’s a related promotion from Callid:

Caputo asked that I try to promote the Call for Papers for an upcoming conference he is co-hosting around the future of philosophical thought. He is particularly interested in younger voices being present, so lets send him a whole host of interesting things to read!

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