John Caputo is master of deconstruction, a philosopher smitten with its undoing, a theologian who confesses God’s weakness, an author who is actually fun to read and one of the most popular guests on the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast!  Not only is John Caputo coming back on the podcast but he has been releasing a ton of audio for your theo-poetic pleasure. On his own website we has published audio from 6 of his classes and I have taken the files and converted them to MP3s for all the Caputo and HBC fans who won’t to get more Caputo in their iPod.

The classes include ‘Post Modern Theology: Derrida and Religion,’ ‘Transcendence and Immanence: Levinas and Deleuze,’ ‘A Theology of Flesh,’ ‘Heidegger,’ ‘The Theological Turn in French Phenomenology,’ ‘Husserl and the Foundations of Phenomenology,’ and Merleau-Ponty,’ and ‘Radical Theology from Hegel to Zizek.’  You can download the class syllabus on his web page.

All the audio files I have are in this public folder.  Just right click and ‘save-as’ to download the MP3s.