There have been a bunch of theological and philosophical responses to Richard Dawkins and company’s New Atheism.  Last year we had Eric Reitan on the Podcast to discuss his book ‘Is God a Delusion?’ Eastern Orthodox Theologian David Bentley Hart goes for the jugular with Nietzsche and Nicaea in his work ‘Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies.’  Recently I read Keith Ward‘s book ‘Why There is Almost Certainly a God: Doubting Dawkins‘ and found it an entertaining and enlightening page turner.  Ward and Dawkins were both teaching at Oxford at the same time and debated a number of times.  This book and the lecture posted below present a very committed philosophical idealists’ response to Dawkins’ materialism.  Enjoy the video!  I made some delicious Banana Bread while I watched it.

Keith Ward: ‘Why There Almost Certainly Is a God: Doubting Dawkins from Metanexus Institute on Vimeo.