Dear Texas Board of Education,

I’m a Christian first, and a Texan a close second. I know I live in California now, but I’m still a Texan at heart. I might have posted a snarky thing or two about Gov. Perry, but I love my home state.

I’ve been following the stories about the Board of Education’s concern over the liberal bias in our history textbooks. As a Baptist, I was a little, OK a lot, upset that you want to rewrite our nation’s history to exclude Thomas Jefferson from the curriculum because of his championing of the separation of church and state. Baptists historically have fought for religious liberty for all, because we believe that coerced faith does not equal true faith in Jesus.

But now I read that you are changing the words ‘slave trade’ to ‘Atlantic triangular trade.’

And this doesn’t just affect Texas … a big portion of the country will be studying this curriculum.

Human history is filled with Texas-sized epic fails. Pretending they don’t exist only makes it more likely to repeat these terrible acts.

Texas is known for two things: it’s independence and enormity. Let’s be independent of this kind of pride and enormous in humility, love, and our willingness to learn, giving us true reason to be proud Texans.