Forty years ago the first Earth Day was celebrated. Two years later, John Cobb was the first philosopher to publish a single-author book-length environmental ethics text about the ecological crisis.

John Cobb delivers the challenge at the UCC's Southern California – Nevada Conference on June 5, 2009

He has continued to speak and write about new ecological issues that weren’t known at the time he wrote Is It Too Late? A Theology of Ecology (1972). In June, he challenged the UCC to take as its mission working with God for the salvation of the world … with the environment as a focal point.

I’m not at all jealous that Tripp gets to grab lunch with Dr. Cobb down in Claremont any time he wants.

So I marked the morning of my 40th Earth Day (well technically my 28th) by listening to this recording from when Dr. Cobb visited Tripp’s class.

“We need to make use of technology, but that’s not going to solve the problem.”

John Cobb … Earth Day 2009 (MP3)