Long-time friend of the podcast Mike Morrell partners with Homebrewed this week for this fireside chat (minus the fire, unless you count the Holy Spirit) with Kevin Prosch, a renowned singer/songwriter/instrumentalist who has traveled the world and influenced virtually every well-known worship leader in recent decades.

His story is incredibly fascinating … from his troubled relationship with his abusive father as a child, to stockpiling arms and being held captive by gold miners … with music being an important source of comfort throughout his early life. His conversion to Christian faith and involvement in the early Vineyard movement led to his career as a musician, both in recording Christian worship albums, and in the mainstream with his band The Black Peppercorns. But later he sold all of his equipment, feeling too broken and unworthy to continue, only to reemerge later restored to ministry at More Church in Amarillo, Texas, and visionary of the Music Coope Festival (June 9-11), where artists are coming together to create music in the context of community.

Find Kevin’s music at: TheMusicCoope.com

Songs featured in the episode are from Kevin’s recent live performances posted on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to Zach for calling in and introducing the book, Baptimergent: Baptist Stories from the Emergent Frontier.  A book lots of my friends contributed chapters to, including Tripp. Stay tuned to the podcast to hear from more contributors about their chapters.

And thanks to Callid for his theory, the Nick Conspiracy. Hmm…something to chew on indeed. Find Callid Keefe-Perry’s sweet videos at TheImageofFish.com and be sure and see his sweet Theology after Google presentation.

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