Phillip Cary is a master of the lecture.  He can keep any keen mind’s attention, get them excited, and send off thinking.  I know this because I have all of his teaching company classes! When I ran into him at AAR this year I went in to ‘fan’ mode and just started talking to him about his amazing series of Luther and asked him to join me on the podcast.  SO here he is!  I am sure that after you hear our discussion you will want to check out his teaching company classes because if you dig the HBC then you dig sweet theological audio files and Phillip is a master.

Cary is a philosophy professor at Eastern University where is intimately involved in the Templeton Honors College. Below are a number of his books. I will personally vouch for quality of all his Teaching Company classes and the new Jonah commentary. Many thanks to Phillip for joining us. Enjoy the conversation!!!