Since I am a big fan of LOST, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invite Chris Seay back on the podcast. Chris is a pastor in Houston and author of The Gospel According to LOST. In the conversation, we explore the biblical themes in LOST, the theme of science vs. faith, and we spend a little time delving into the philosophical Easter eggs left all over the island, including references to Teilhard de Chardin, Kierkegaard, and Locke. We could pick any number of these themes and do a whole podcast on them, and maybe we will.

Other books from Chris include:

The Gospel According to Tony Soprano: An Unauthorized Look into the Soul of TV’s Top Mob Boss and His Family

The Gospel Reloaded: Exploring Spirituality and Faith in the Matrix

The Tao of Enron: Spiritual Lessons from a Fortune 500 Fallout

Thanks for all of your questions, I apologize if we didn’t get to yours.

In the intro, we get a call from Pastor Bill from Middle Earth, who we get to meet at the Theology After Google conference, Tripp shrieks a few times like a LOTR rider, and we demonstrate we’ve forgotten a few hobbit names and where Middle Earth actually is. If anyone else from Middle Earth wants to give us a call: 678-590-BREW. If you speak Elvish on the call, please provide a translation!

Other things:

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Chris’ LOST Vlog

Gospel According to LOST Facebook Page which gave a way a ton of Dharma merch that I missed out on.
Chris Seay on Homebrewed Christianity 35 talking about Advent conspiring