Theology After Google: Leveraging New Technologies and Networks for Transformative Ministry

We invite you to join us March 10-12, 2010 in Claremont, Calif., for a first-of-its-kind national conference, “Theology After Google.” Thanks to a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, we are able to keep registration costs low, as in 99 bucks.

Who is coming?

Tony Jones, Spencer Burke, John Franke, Helene Slessarev-Jamir, Adam Walker Cleaveland Bob Cornwall, Dwight Friesen , Jon Irvine, Glen Stassen, Philip Clayton, Tripp Fuller, Ryan Parker, Bruce Epperly, Barry Taylor

Why “theology after Google”?

Progressive Christian theologians have some vitally important things to say, things that both the church and society desperately need to hear. The trouble is, we tend to deliver our message using technologies that date back to Gutenberg: books, academic articles, sermons, and so forth. We aren’t making effective use of the new technologies, social media, and social networking. When it comes to effective communication of message, the Religious Right is running circles around us.

Hence the urgent need for a conference to empower pastors, laypeople, and the up-and-coming theologians of the next generation to do “theology after Google,theology for a Google-shaped world. Thanks to the Ford funding, we’ve been able to assemble a stellar team of cultural creatives and experts in the new modes of communication.

Why should you come?

Over the three days you will…

  • Discover the impacts of our Google-world on theology
  • Gain new tools for your church and ministry
  • Attend break out sessions around your interest (ex. youth ministry or creative artist)
  • Get to hang out with the presenters (and compete in a Corn-Hole Bean-bag tournament)
  • Enjoy the 70 and Sunny SoCal weather
  • You want to answer the question, ‘Is your theology googlicious?’ with a resounding YES!

For more info and to register visit Transforming Theology.