Heresy hunters, be on alert, because  this episode features Heretic’s Guide to Eternity coauthor Barry Taylor hanging out in his Beverly Hills office with Tripp talking about all the various intersections he’s interested in involving faith and culture.

Barry is the artist-in-residence at the Brehm Center for Worship Theology and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary and associate rector at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills.

He’ll be at the Theology After Google event at Claremont in March, and you should be too.


Entertainment Theology: New-Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy
Matrix of Meanings: Finding God in Pop Culture
Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, coauthored with Spencer Burke

Also in this episode:

Bart Campolo tells you why you should pick up a copy of The Justice Project and read his chapter on campaign finance reform. Look for a weekly segment featuring some of the contributors over the next several episodes.

The original Homebrewed Christianity deacon, Billy Bob joins us to talk about how his life has been changed by providing the creative inspiration behind the deaconate.