June 2009 before we went to see Conan O'Brien

We’ve been around for a full year? This web gathering, equipping grassroots theologians for transformative thinking, engaging, and living, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a podcast at TrippFuller.com. Thanks to our loyal ‘deacons,’ dedicated readers and listeners, we’ve had over 72,000 visits and 40,000 podcast downloads. In 2010, we’ll be stepping up our written content, posting more often and recruiting more authors (in addition to our 2009 recruit, the venerable Deacon Hall), and bringing you a bigger than ever 3rd year of the podcast.

Just for fun, here are our top 10 posts of the year, based on views.

10. ‘A Jesus Manifesto’ Revisited: An Interview with Frank Viola

This was originally going to be a follow up podcast to episode 54, but due to unforeseen technical circumstances, the audio was lost. Frank graciously agreed to answer my questions in writing instead.

9. A Devout Uncertainty: Homosexuality and the Church

A guest post from Wake Forest University theology professor Dr. Frank Tupper.

8. Bart Ehrman and “Jesus, Interrupted” with Tony Jones: Homebrewed Christianity 50

Guest interviewer Tony Jones talks to celebrity biblical scholar Bart Ehrman  about biblical authority.

7. Get a Patriot Jesus Painting for Your Home or Office

This one is ridiculous.

6. Reforming Ecclesiology in Emerging Churches with LeRon Shults: Homebrewed Christianity 61

Just a fantastic podcast.

5. 25 Random Things by Jesus of Nazareth

Capitalizing on a popular Facebook meme asking folks to post 25 random things about themselves, I wrote a pseudopigraphal version as Jesus.

4. Richard Rohr on Action and Contemplation: Homebrewed Christianity 41

Word has it Fr. Rohr’s second appearance is even better.

3. Baptists, Homosexuality, and the Church

We were a little disappointed…OK blood-boilingly PO’d (to put it lightly)…that this scheduled breakout session from our favorite Wake Forest theology professor was cut from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly this summer, so we decided to publish the session online. Twitter, as well as Big Daddy Weave and the Associated Baptist Press , gave this post its legs.

2. Judge Wapner and the Trial of Abraham

This was a fantastic post. I love Judge Wapner. But the secret to how it propelled itself to #2 was due to using a celebrity in the title. Surprisingly that celebrity wasn’t Judge Wapner. 80% of the clicks came from searches for ‘Abraham.’ Seriously. Amazing. So if you are looking for SEO advice and more hits to your blog, I’m giving you this information free. You’re welcome.

1. Divinity School Application for Liberals….don’t laugh too hard. 7,586 views

A lighthearted post, conservatives loved this one as much as progressives. Thanks to posts on Twitter and Facebook, July 23 garnered the most views of the year with 1337 (which has numerological significance for internet nerds)

What really gave this post legs, and what is most shocking, is that Christian Century readers learned how to use the internet to find it. I kid the Christian Century readers.