What a treat we have this week!  None other than Emilie Townes,  ground breaking theologian, Baptist minister, and now Homebrewed Christianity guest.  Ever since I met her last March at the Transforming Theology conference I knew she needed to be on the podcast.  There I was able to interview her for a video series that will be released soon and in the process of conversing with her it was clear that she had a remarkable gift to communicate both her theological insights and passionate faith in thought-provoking ways.  She did not disappoint.

In the interview we discuss the development of Womanist theology, a piece of one of my favorite social ethics text, Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil, and she gives bite size responses to the big 7 questions of theology discussed in Philip and my new book.

From the intro….

Nickels of the N\J podcast has indeed confirmed that over the holidays he will be getting on skype to be issued an HBC whoopin @ paper, rock, scissors.

– This may be due to the sheer force of the HBC Deaconate.  Our refusal to use his real name and title of his book is seeping out into the world wide web.

– An example……Deacon Blundell tweeted The Hopeless Skeptic by @nicholasfiedler is out http://bit.ly/92SCBk // looking forward to reading it.’ Notice the two jokes our Deacon has sent!!!!  Then Nickels is unable to contain himself and responds by correcting the misspelled title (as if it wasn’t intentional).

– Deacon Blundell has his first piece of fiction out (correctly) titled, St. Peter’s Brewery. Check it out (and specifically page 94!)