turkeysTraveling for Thanksgiving? Why not spend it with a few turkeys? Tripp and I cut up for a few minutes as usual, with fresh taunting directed toward our lovable rivals over at The Nick and Josh Podcast, then we turn to the topic du jour. This week, we’re visited by James F. McGrath from the popular Exploring Our Matrix, professor of religion at Butler University, and author of The Only True God and The Burial of Jesus. Tripp and James tackle the diversity and complexity of monotheistic beliefs during the first century among Jews and within the upstart Jesus movement. Listenmcgonlytr in on this great conversation with a great blogger and scholar. And Nick, we’re ready to throw down when you are. And by throw down we mean fight…with our fists (forming rocks in a Rock, Paper, Scissors competition)

Books to purchase (in this order)

The Only True God by James F. McGrath
Transforming Christian Theology by Philip Clayton in collaboration with Tripp Fuller
The Skeptical Hope by Fielder Nickolalas