Untitled-1Dr. C. Robert Mesle’s 136-page introduction to process-relational philosophy is a must-read for anyone new to process or who wants to be able to clearly articulate Afred North Whitehead‘s philosophy to others without a lot of technical language or headaches.

The interview will give you an idea of why we get excited about anything related to process philosophy. Next week, we continue to delve into it with Joseph Bracken, a Catholic trinitarian process theologian.Untitled-2

This is the second time Bob has joined us. He was a guest in the early days of Homebrewed, for a two-parter on suffering and meaning (Ep. 14 and Ep. 15).

All that, plus ‘more power’ in the intro with Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, Al Borland, JTT, and denominational lightbulb jokes.