I’d like to take a formal opportunity to introduce to everyone someone who has become one of my favorite lecturers: the late Duke philosophy Professor, Rick Roderick. Not only does this crazy West-Texan have a better grasp of the problems we face as moderns and postmoderns than just about anyone else I’ve ever heard on these matters, but he’s also funnier than a fart in a space-suit.  Start with his Self under Siege series; the Masters of Suspicion lecture especially has pertinence to all the talk lately about secularization.  In conjunction, every Monday, we’ll post a clip of Roderick being, well, Roderick.

Here’s a clip on the state of philosophy and search for the self.

You can download all three of his Teaching Company classes here.  If you don’t download and listen then you are missing out on some amazing stuff.  Here’s a video interview.