cox What an episode!  Not one, but two amazing and articulate theologians in one podcast.  This week Harvey Cox and Philip Clayton get together for a conversation about faith and theology for the future church.  Harvey’s newest book ‘The Future of Faith’ and Philip‘s upcoming release ‘Transforming Christian Theology‘ create the backdrop for a quite engaging conversation you are sure to enjoy and share.

In addition to letting you know about the books themselves I want to let you know that Harvey and Philip will be hosting a session at the upcoming American Academy of Religion meeting this November in Montreal.  The session is titled ‘A Conversation on Public Theology in the Emerging Landscape’ and will feature additional impressive participants (I’ll blog those details later).  Right now I just want to let you know that Ryan and I will be recording video of the session to share over at Transforming Theology (check the new design out).  The presentations will be TED style public theology, so hopefully they will create some more conversation.  You will hear more about these two books during an upcoming duo-blog tour.