Moltmann Conversation day 1. Tonight John Franke….A man gets props for being Moltmann’s opening act.  5 points.

Smooth book pitch. ‘I wrote this book for you.’, well played. 5 more points.

Question of the book, ‘how do you make sense of the great diversity in the Christian tradition?’

AND these three ‘promises’….

1. the bible is sufficient to accomplish the purposes god gave it

2. god will give wisdom generously to anyone who will ask

3. the holy spirit will be at work in the whole church into truth

Some people challenge the 3 promises. I imagine I would….why these three?

‘The proper way to live out orthodox biblical christianity is to recognize it is an irreducible plurality and that is exactly what god intended.’  I haven’t heard the word ‘biblical’ added onto things since being in Cali.  It still makes me flinch.  I wonder if there are people who would say there are orthodox theologies that aren’t biblical or biblical ones that aren’t orthodox? both of those words are generally used as boundary markers that the person using them decides how to apply them.

‘the truth is the truth is characterized by plurality’, amen, zing! 10 points

‘within that which goes, that which is appropriate, we should expect plurality’

Franke just dropped the ‘adventure of ideas’ quote from Molty’s ‘experiences in theology.’ (my favorite quote from the book….10 points….i was going to use it when i talked to Molty ,5)

‘Don’t ever let our theologies keep us from seeing what God is doing in the world’ , WORD 5 points.

Franke  = 30 points of awesome.

UPDATE:   Deacon Joe and Deacon Bob are also blogging on tonight.  Check them out!