LeRon Shults is back on the podcast!  This podcast is like none other……why?  LeRon is sharing an article with us AND has said he would love to dialogue with listeners\readers\Deacons in the comments of the post.  Ohh did I mention LeRon will ask the question, ‘Should affluent white men be ordained?’  So enjoy the podcast, share the podcast, read the article, and do not forget to drop LeRon your question, comment, or shout out.

You may remember when LeRon last joined us for some incarnational reflection during advent where we discussed evolutionary biology and the incarnation.  His name remains notorious in the emerg-o-sphere for authoring Emergent Village’s statement on why they do not have a faith statement.  In the blog-o-sphere he has his own URL.  In the theo-sphere you find LeRon to be an insightful and publishing force to be reckoned with.  In his current write-o-sphere is a book on ‘Transforming Compassion.’  After working through the doctrine of God, Anthropology, and Christology LeRon wrapped up his series of theological ‘reframing’ with an article in Theology Today entitled, ‘Reforming Ecclesiology in Emerging Churches.’  That article is the entrance point for my conversation with LeRon in this episode and is available to you for your reading pleasure HERE.

Thank you LeRon for sharing the article and for being open to dialoguing with the listeners.

From the intro….

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