greenrevolutionBen Lowe is co-coordinator of Renewal, a grassroots student movement answering God’s call to renew creation through prayer, service, and advocacy. There are lots of books coming out about ‘creation care’, but this one, Green Revolution: Coming Together to Care for Creation, gets the official Homebrewed seal of approval. This is an extraordinary group and I’m very impressed with what they are doing. In this podcast we get into how this movement started, talk about how to begin the conversation in your campus ministry or congregation, and how to be compassionate towards other people with whom we share our home.

If you are involved in some form of student ministry and you have done some kind of work in the environment, give us a call and share your ideas with others. I often hear from ministers who are looking for ideas. Call us at 678-590-BREW.

We mention a climate change bill, and I was actually in D.C. lobbying around the same time Ben was, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454), that will significantly reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. It barely passed the House after being weakened significantly, and it is on the way to the Senate after the August recess. Stay tuned for updates from Homebrewed Christianity and watch for ways that you can help strengthen the bill and get it passed.

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