This Friday theologian Donna Bowman will be interviewed for the HBC podcast.  We are planning on discussing relational theology and all that world wide web, social networking, hoopla.  This is going to be a really sweet conversation and something that would be even more fun if some Deacons were involved.  SO DEACONS (this is what Chad and I call all our listeners)… is your task what kind of theological questions does web 2.0, social networking, and all that jazz bring to mind?

I know a number of you think about this on a regular basis so give me some good questions.  Post them in the comments, email me, OR call them in to HBC call-in line.

Donna said that I could share an article she sent me entitled ‘One More Stitch: Relational Productivity and Creative Energy.‘  It uses online craft communities to explore the economy of free, social networking, just-in-time production, the growing handmade market, and the proliferation of creativity that has been facilitated by the internet.  She then goes on to make a number of theological reflections from a process perspective that should get your brain juices flowing.

Moral of the story…..send us your questions and listen to the podcast.