Warning: Photo contains offensive hand gesture. Parental guidance suggested.

christiansprideThis weekend is Pride in San Francisco, one of the largest Pride events in the world. Over a million people are expected to attend the main event on Sunday morning, June 28. All weekend there are events held literally out my front door. Not just the GLBT community and allies will be there. Every year, there are Christian protesters and street evangelists there as well. Some quietly hand out tracts. Others wield 10-foot signs and shout hate through bullhorns. In retaliation, some Pride-goers return the favor with insults and hand gestures. It makes me want to yell things at the evangelists myself. It’s never a good experience.

Earlier today, as I was walking home, I sent out a tweet:

I might make some tracts to hand out to street evangelists at Pride. What should they say?

Zach Roberts responded with this reply using the #pridetracts hashtag:

@chadcrawford ‘If God loves you, He can love anybody!’ #pridetracts

So if you were to write a Pride tract for me to hand out to street evangelists at a Pride event, what would yours say? Tweet it or just put it down there in the comments.

It doesn’t actually have to be before Sunday morning…there’s always next year.