090422ericreitanjpg This week we are joined by OSU philosopher, progressive Christian blogger, and author of ‘Is God a Delusion? A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers’, Eric Reitan.  In the book you get two things for the price of one. 1- An intro to the philosophy of religion and 2- a fun, readable, and vigorous critical response to the New Atheists.  We had a good time recording the interview and I am sure you will enjoy it and want to check out the book. Thanks to Eric for joining us and you for listening.

If you were involved in a previous discussion where Eric mentions Richard Dawkins’ shoddy philosophy and in particular Dawkins’ inability to understand Aquinas, he explains just how bad it is in this interview.

Apart from his own blog he has posted a series of hotly contested posts at Religious Dispatches.

This book has also been making its rounds in the blogophere, so check these posts out for more.