Yesterday was one of those days. Before I put up another link to an embarrassment to Christianity, let’s play a little game.

There is a Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) segment called ‘Talk Me Down’, where Maddow introduces a topic related to federal policy that she generally supports, but isn’t sure if it’s working (i.e. the stimulus), and then invites a guest on to talk her down.

Yesterday, I read (and tweeted) the news that a pastor, radio host, and former Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention, is praying for President Obama to die. He says that imprecatory prayer is a Biblical practice, demonstrated by King David in the Psalms, praying for the death of his enemies.

So here is the topic…

Every group has their bad apples, but sometimes the Wiley Drakes make carrying the banner of the same denomination seem utterly unredeemable. Talk me down.

Obligatory I’m-not-one-of-THOSE-Baptists disclaimer: Jo Ann Goodson made sure to point it out on my Facebook wall yesterday, that the Baptist church where she serves as a deacon, and the body that ordained me, hasn’t been a part of the Southern Baptist Convention for a long time. So I shouldn’t be concerned with some random pastor trying to get a share of Limbaugh’s fame. (A random pastor who happens to be a former leader of the largest Baptist denomination in the world…) But, as Jo Ann also pointed out, most people don’t distinguish between American Baptists or Alliance of Baptists or Cooperative Baptists – nor should I expect them to – and the SBC…or even Westboro Baptist Church for that matter.

Even if you don’t talk me down I’m sure I’ll be down on my own by tomorrow, or at least by Sunday…

Update: Dem Bones Drew on Wiley Drake: ‘It’s like I am reading a completely different Bible.’ Maybe he understands Jesus’ instructions to ‘pray for our enemies’ as ‘pray for them to die’?