Deacons, I occasionally receive emails from you with links to your sermons or blog posts.  Often I will tweet them, but rarely will they evoke such a tug at my soul that I think it must be shared with all the HBC Deacons.  This sermon did it for me and I am sure it will do the same for you.  Below is the set-up from the Deacon Zach who I recently blurbed in a little post on parables.  Click on the indented paragraph to hear or download the audio.

This sermon was given April 26th at Ridge Road Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.

The biblical text for the sermon is Luke 24:13-35. As I read the story of the Emmaus Road encounter, episodes began to run in my mind about the people in my life who, by loving me, awakened me to the real tangible presence of Christ. The parable I wrote for this sermon is rather localized. It certainly has a ‘southern aroma,’ but you should have an easy time making the imaginative adjustments in your own mind to fit your context.

I had a great time writing the parable over the period of a week. I got attached to the characters and would wake up some days eager to discover where the story would go. Any good story will give you characters that you have an easy time connecting to. We all know someone like Karen and her Mamaw, even if the circumstances are different from the one I present in the story. I hope you connect with this parable, and like those we find in the gospels, I hope it leads you into questions that you can walk with and grow from for a little while.

Thanks for the listen.
Deacon Zach