This session was much less depressing.  Real things were said.  Honest things.

What we need:

– ‘Entrepreneurial apostolic leaders!  That is what we need for the future.

– We need an alternative public witness to the religious right, because…..the gospel is bigger and more beautiful than what is seen today.

– Global economic downturn forces the church to make dramatic changes that we should have made years ago.  This a a karios movement.

‘The fundamental perception is that Christianity as it is is unhelpful to the spiritual journey of most people.  Christianity exists culturally as a relic.  How will we convince people we have anything to contribute to their life?’, Barry Taylor

We need to get away from the idea of a possible moment where a Rauschenbusch and Neibuhr will reappear as a dominate voice in the public square.

We sound like a group of leaders trying to convince congregations to sign on to our agenda of social justice instead of investing and joining the best of our people in the grassroots.

How do we handle the captivity of our institutions to the market place?  How do we look to the future, a future without privledge, surplus…, and not be greived but hopeful and energized? How do we invite our people to embrace the cross if we don’t have a resurrection to tell them about?

We need to name the real death of the denominations as they exist, really greive, and then be Chriistian and look for resurrection.  We don’t do Christ a favor by keeping institutions on life support that need to die.  Many of us act as if the form of Christianity we really love and work in is the Christian faith, we act as if our way of being the church is the church.  If that is true the church is dieing just like GM.  If it isn’t true then we are being poor stewards of the life of the church.

The client for the church, our denominations, our seminaries is the gift we have been given by God, the gospel.

How are we going to fund the good creative work that is being done and let the unnecessary things fall along the wayside?