conder1The hermeneutics train keeps rolling this week with Tim Conder, founding pastor of Emmaus Way in Durham, North Carolina. Tim talks about his new book, Free for All, about approaching biblical interpretation as a community of faith.

Here’s a taste:

The Bible, especially in times of great culture change, but always, the Bible is in need of liberation, and so we’re trying to demonstrate how God’s Spirit works in dramatic ways when a community is tasked with not just being passive listeners but co-interpreters and co-creators with whatever authority shapes their fellowship.

You bring a bias to the text. And where those biases become dangerous is when they’re not identified.

One of the ways that we have a liberated reading of the text is to acknowledge our biases and to create diversity of voices so that those biases are balanced out.

Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community by Tim Conder with Daniel Rhodes is available for pre-order and is due out August 1.

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