farmerOur guest this week, as we take a ride on the hermeneutics train, is Dr. Ron Farmer, religious studies professor at Chapman University and dean of Wallace All Faiths Chapel in Orange, California.  Farmer discusses five approaches to scripture that he found in what he calls his ‘quest for a satisfying hermeneutic’.

Next week, we keep the train rolling with Tim Conder of Durham, North Carolina’s Emmaus Way.

Books and Essays by Ronald L. Farmer include:

Beyond the Impasse (Studies in American Biblical Hermeneutics)

Revelation (Chalice Commentaries for Today)

Jesus, Then and Now (contributor)

Creative Transformation, Summer 2008 (also includes articles from Alecia and Tripp Fuller!)

We also have a call from a deacon who tells us about starting an emergent cohort in a galaxy far, far away. We encourage all HBC deacons near and far to call in and leave us a message at 678-590-BREW.

We weren’t able to fit everything in the episode, but Tripp and I also have a little wager going on the 3-game series between the SF Giants and the LA Dodgers. If Tripp’s team wins best of 3, he gets my doppelbock homebrew. If my team wins, I get his Rocky Patels.