John Cobb was the first to publish a book by a philosopher on environmental ethics.  Is It Too Late? A Theology of Ecology came out in 1972 and was revised in 1995, but remains today as pertinent as ever.  Dr. Cobb made a special guest appearance in my Eco-Philosophy class this past week on Earth Day and delivered a passionate no-note speech and answered questions from the class.  It is always a treat to get to hear Cobb speak and he did not disappoint.  Cobb takes his philosophical and theological awareness to the field of ecology and presents a pragmatic look at the present while offering the hope of a different future.  Is it too late?  For some yes, but it need not be for all.

I hope you enjoy listening to the audio and more than that I pray that Cobb’s voice will help inspire more of us to participate in the change we need.

Is it too late? Earth Day 2009 with John Cobb (Click to stream audio OR right-click and save-as to download the MP3)