I found this gem of a quote from Ken Wilber on his problem with pluralistic relativism. It is sure to get a rise out of you. Tell me what kind.

Wilber describes how critical theory (the variety of postmodern deconstructive practices) can result in pluralistic relativism; “it claimed that all truth is culturally situated (except its own truth, which is for all cultures); it claimed there are no transcendental truths (except its own pronouncements, which transcend specific contexts); it claimed that all hierarchies or value rankings are oppressive and marginalizing (except its own value ranking, which is superior to the alternatives); it claimed that there are no universal truths (except its own pluralism, which is universally true for all peoples).”

(A Theory of Everything, 37)

check out his recent free stuff on James Fowler

I will be reviewing ‘The Future of Christianity‘ once I find time.  It is a video series Wilber does with Father Thomas Keating.