Hidden first in a womb of flesh, he sanctified human birth by his own birth.  Hidden afterward in the womb of the earth, he gave life to the dead by his resurrection.  Suffering, pain, and sighs have now fled away.  For who has known the mind of God, or who has been his counselor, if not the Word made flesh who was nailed to the cross, who rose from the dead and who was taken up into heaven?  This day brings a message of joy: it is the day of the Lord’s resurrection when, with himself, he raised up the race of Adam.  Born for the sake of human beings, he rose from the dead with them.  On this day paradise is opened up by the risen one.  Adam is restored to life and Eve is consoled.  On this day the divine call is heard, the kingdom is prepared, we are saved and Christ is adored.  On this day, when he had trampled death underfoot, made the tyrant a prisoner and despoiled the underworld, Christ ascended into heaven as a king in victory, as a ruler in glory, as an invincible charioteer.  He said to the Father, ‘Here I am, O God, with the children you have given me.’  And he heard the Father’s reply, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’  To him be the glory, now and forever, through endless ages.  Amen!

– Hesychius of Jerusalem’s Easter homily 5-6.

Taken from Ancient Christian Devotional (an awesome collection)