Bill Mallonee of the Vigilantes of Love, who has been on the podcast, started a series of demos that feature the songs he has been writing.  It is called the Works Progress Administration and on the Holy Week release his new Easter song ‘coming out of hiding’ is included.  You can hear hear it on his myspace and read the lyrics below, but I don’t think it will take you long to realize this is well worth the $5.50.  Awesome-ness!

Lyrics to: COMING OUT OF HIDING                                             music/lyrics: bill mallonee (BMI 2009)

I heard you were mother’s pride and joy
she was pretty young when she had that baby boy
you were up against the powers…and down with the man at the start
You had a hunger in your belly and the fire in side your heart

you said mysterious things like: “living looks more like dying.”
Now, you’re coming outta hiding

I heard they called your mother ’bout every name under the sun
I heard you turned your cheek a lot and bit your tongue
You had a knack for making friends who couldn’t pay you back
spending your coins on the wrong side of the tracks

picking up the tab after all that wining and dining
now, you’re coming outta hiding

spent some time in the underground just to get the lay of the land
spent some time with the sick to take them all on vacation
spent some time in the jail just to let the prisoners loose
spent some time on the gallows just to cut the hangman’s noose

all of these reversals are just a reminding
that you’re coming outta hiding

I heard they kicked you to curb when your show went down like a storm
heard they stole your crown…and gave you one of thorns
You know when love gets close it can be perceived as a threat
and God, you know we’ve got so much…to protect

I hear your love is always and ever abiding
and you’re coming outta hiding