Last night, social networking sites were suddenly abuzz with news of a new magazine published by and for friends of the emerging church conversation. GENERATE magazine is calling for submissions of original, recent works that ‘explore, probe, rethink/reframe, question, hack, contemplate, and offer insight into the growing global conversation about following God in the Way of Jesus…its intersections, its life, its resultant creativity and community practice.’

Makeesha Fisher, co-founder and executive editor said, “Generate Magazine has been an open, collaborative project in the works for more than six years now. We convened an editorial staff earlier this year, and we’ve been focused on producing our first edition this summer. Even before the current team was convened there have been so many people who have poured energy in to the project. As we have been listening in, it is clear that, now more than ever, that these grassroots stories of action is what the emergent conversation needs.’

GENERATE hopes to create ‘an artifact of the emerging church conversation’ – a forum for the retelling of stories through visual art, documented performances, verse, fiction, non-fiction, essays, and interviews.

Special Online Preview Edition:

If you couldn’t make it to Albuquerque for this weekend’s gathering, The Emerging Church: Conversations, Convergence and Action Conference, go to for live coverage of the event.

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