The first transforming theology event is over, but we have just begun.  I am about to pass out from standing and asking YOUR great God questions to 40 theologians all day for two days.  I will tell you that there is some really, really great stuff that will be coming out of this.  Until I land in North Carolina for my spring break I won’t get to blog, but while you are waiting to see and hear some of the theological action check out Tony’s new post ‘Everything you think about progressive theology is wrong.’

ALSO, check out Donna Bowman (a participating theologian and blogger) who gave some good play by play of the sessions taking place while I was video taping interviews.  PS, she is a good blogger and should get some RSS feeding. She also wrote a super sweet book on Karl Barth and Alfred North Whitehead.  What is a Barthian Process Theology?  ‘Divine Decision‘ is your answer.