balthasar-hubmaierWhich heretic had the greatest final words ever before being burned alive? That would be Balthasar Hübmaier, whose birthday is today, March 10. As he was getting gunpowder rubbed into his beard before being burned at the stake, he supposedly said, ‘Salt me well, brothers. Salt me well!’

Glenn Jonas, our guest this week, is a religion professor at Campbell University, whom Tripp credits partially for his relationship with Alecia. Dr. Jonas shares his insights on the life of Hübmaier, an important leader of the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century. He believes that Hübmaier’s historical significance would have rivaled Calvin’s and Luther’s had he not gotten torched.

Dr. Jonas’ Blog:

Dr. Jonas’ Books: The Baptist River: Essays on Many Tributaries of a Diverse Tradition, A Journey of Faith: An Introduction to Christianity

Campbell University…the fightin’ camels!

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Always good to hear from Deacon Brett Watson.

Plus, I finally get to my ‘What I’m Brewing Now’ segment. When there’s more time on the episode I’ll get into tips and recipes with future batches.