Tripp posted some new videos on the Transforming Theology YouTube Channel, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to do a little Darwin recap.

John Cobb discussing Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the trouble with the traditional debate it creates in the church

Discussing the problem of genetic determinism and materialism in neo-darwinism and offering an alternative from a process perspective

Discussing the religious critique of evolution, the emergence of ID, and how process thought moves past the impasse

Pastor Bob Cornwall:

Charles Darwin on Religion

An interesting article by Professor John Hedley Brooke of Oxford University, which offers a look into Darwin’s thoughts about religion and science.

Evolutionary Explanation of Religion

As a Christian (and as a pastor) I confess faith in a creator. At the same time, I accept the findings of science that suggest that we have evolved from a common ancestor of all that exists.

Tony Jones:

Mrs. Darwin Would Be Proud

Charles Darwin’s wife, Emma, famously disliked her husband’s theories, and he actually wrote On the Origin of Species in a way that he hoped wouldn’t be offensive to her.  Well, it seems that a sesquicentury later, the two are still locked in a struggle for the hearts and minds of Americans.


Taking Darwin Personally

Why do Charles Darwin‘s ideas generate such strong resistance? Maybe because it hurts people’s feelings. But does accepting our place in the animal kingdom make us any less miraculous?

Students Reconcile Darwin’s Theories with Faith

The state of Kansas has been publicly wrestling with how or whether to teach Darwin‘s theory of evolution in the public schools. At the University of Kansas, some students are studying biological sciences despite devout Christian faith and a strong belief in the biblical story of creation. They face internal struggles similar to the ones Darwin himself must have felt as he wrestled with his scientific theories about evolution.

Drew Lumpkin:

Evolution of Religion

Is there an evolutionary benefit, among early humans, that could explain biologically and psychologically why religion perpetuated itself? Oversimplified, how and why did religion emerge?

and ‘one big omnipost covering several facets of Darwin’s birthday.’

Tripp Fuller

Response to Drew’s Evolution of Religion: Darwin and the Evolution of Religion

James McGrath

A Closed Challenge to Neo-Darwinists’ and his report from Sunday School on being ‘Fearfully and Wonderfully Evolved.’

John Shuck

Shares his Evolution Sunday sermon, ‘Solar Living.’

For fun:

Ways Charles Darwin Could Jump the Shark

For fun another perspective:

Al Mohler

Efforts to resolve this challenge generally involve a misunderstanding of biblical Christianity, a misunderstanding of evolution, or a misunderstanding of both.

Annotated list of Al Mohler’s articles on Darwin.

Finally: HBC 37, 43, 44, and 45 (wait for it…coming soon)