Mega Blogger Mike Morrell is on a quest to get healthy before turning 30 and assisting him in that process is the ROM.  The ROM is one crazy and efficient machine. Since the HBC’s podcast featuring Bill Mallonee is a ‘Must Listen’ to this link legend, I decided to try a little something…..I tried to get a Homebrewed Christianity sponsored ROM work out.  Mike offered double points should I get Bill Mallonee to drop a ROM work out song, but that hasn’t been arranged in a couple hours. SO I decided to record a Mallonee song for Morrell to rock out to on his ROM.

Enjoy it Mike and ROM onGet Bill’s version (which is much better) here.

OK it is a little longer than the 4 minute work out, so you will have to throw in some sweet clips of the ROM without you on it.  It is an impressive peice of equipment.