This is going to be the most exciting Super Bowl ever. OK, not really, but I read this Forbes article on wild bets going on this year in Vegas that got me excited to watch the game.

(The following predictions are not from an expert. They are just for fun and not intended to be used for gambling. But if you win, send a thank you check or money order to: PO Box 344, San Francisco, CA 94104)


  1. First commercial: This is a tough one. They don’t release any hints ahead of time as far as I know. I guess the lack of surprise means less people will be paying attention. Beer is the odds-on favorite, followed by trucks, online stock trading, and wireless gadgets. I thought about calling a baby driving a truck while buying stocks using a smart phone. Then I decided to stay safe and go with, last year’s opener.
  2. First TD celebration: I’ll be slightly less safe here. I don’t want to be boring and call a spike. I’m going to say it will be the less common ‘shout out to Super Bowl gods,’ seen right.
  3. What song Springsteen will sing first: The Boss is going to stick to the basics. These unstable times in our country call for familiar and rock solid tunes. I’m going with ‘Born in the U.S.A’ hands down.
  4. Gatorade color with which the winning coach gets showered: Vegas gives 3-1 odds on Yellow. I can picture the scene going down. I can’t quite make out the team colors, but I can see the Gatorade color vividly – Orange.
  5. President Obama will bring back the tradition of calling the winning team before broadcast ends: You bet, and he’ll call from his Blackberry.

How would you call these?

(And for the record: Cardinals 26-21)