Are you a blogger?

Are you interested in theology?

Do you think theology should transform the life of Christians, Churches, and Creation?

Do you like reading books that make you think about these questions?

Do you like FREE books?

If you are still with me and would be willing to blog about a book then let me know via email. tripp.fuller at

I am helping to organize a series of conferences as part of a grant at school called Transforming Theology.  We will have a conference with three different groups, theologians, national denomination leaders, and seminary and divinity school deans from across the country.  Because we share the conviction that Theology Matters, this diverse group of mainline Christians and emerging church folk, progressive Evangelicals and old-fashioned liberals, seekers and settled folks will gather to imagine a theological vision with intellectual integrity for progressive Christianity that is communicable and challenging for the church.

A huge number of America’s best theologians are coming to the conference and as we move towards their arrival and the dialouge with the denominations we want to get the online community involved in the discussion.  The first way is to get books by these theologians in bloggers hands so they can begin to engage the ideas.  Engaging them is what we want, not just an affirmative pat on the back, a summary, or a all out rejection, but engagement in whatever your attention is drawn to.  Your post(s) on the book will be featured on the Transforming Theology website and your questions and push backs will form the backgroud to an online component of the conference.

Since I am involved and invested in transfomring the common theology in more progressive circles and having a theology that transforms the Christian comunity’s life together you will be hearing more about this in the future, but for now consider being part of Transforming Theology Theo-Blogger Consortium.   See that sounds prestigous and you can tell your friends how you worked on a grant with Harvey Cox, Emilie Townes, and Tony Jones.

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