Here is a quote from Pastor Joel Hunter in the latest episode of This American Life: The Inauguration Show. I first heard about Joel because his church in Florida started a few ‘creation care’ programs that ruffled some feathers among evangelicals. He has partnered with Interfaith Power & Light before. This (paraphrased) quote is about evangelicals supporting a broader political agenda:

Anytime you try to go to new territory there’s resistance, but there’s also a whole line of people hoping you make it.

And I think that’s what we’re seeing right now. People are waiting for permission to think that way…to love that way…permission to walk out their faith that way.

That’s what our hope is: this growing constituency of people who want to be cooperative.

Joel Hunter has a book out called ‘A New Kind of Conservative.’

Tripp mentioned he wants to get some more conservative voices on the podcast. How about a new kind of conservative?