So Obama got a ton of flack for asking Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration. The firestorm from it led Rick Warren to end up in the news, discussing how his presence does not mean their beliefs are completely the same and other nice level-headed moderate religious and political statements. Now the public hears about two other ministers that will be a part of the shindig next week, Gene Robinson and Sharon Watkins. What does this mean? Just how smart is Obama?

Very. The initial news of Rick Warren being present, news that many more progressive people were bothered by, turns out to be one part of demonstrating the huge diversity of the church. As it turns out we will have at least these three Protestant ministers present. The California conservative evangelical mega church pastor, the first openly gay bishop, and a female head of a major denomination will be a part of a historic moment for our country and in particular the church in America.

Now if we could only get this kind of diversity around something Jesus called us to do.